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Job: market development (2)
Experience: more than one year experience
Degree & Major:

Bachelor degree or above,CET-4 or above.

1. Be responsible for the maintenance of the company's website;

2. Understand the company's products, to find suitable customers throught network platform ;

3. Good english,strong communication and responsive.

Age: 25-40 years old
Sex: no request
Remuneration: salary negotiable

Job: Sale
Degree & Major:

1 Male, 22~35 years old, technical secondary school or above, familiar with computer operation;
2 Strong communication skills, a high degree of passion for work, work actively, serious and responsible;
3 There's a certain business / sales experience;
4 C1 driver's license is preferred.
Responsibilities: be responsible for the promotion of company products and follow up after sale service, exhibition arrangement, and related sales development work.

Age: 22-35
Sex: Male
Remuneration: 2500-3200

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